Starting Gates

Wenkeler Starting Gates are to ensure the safe running-off point for both horses and riders with a start team. Here is important for horses to get used to the process of the horse racing start without getting into a panic accompanied with anxiety. Wenkeler starting gates are constructed for either horseracing itself or for its training.

Safety of horse and rider is a top priority by producing our starting barriers that are user-friendly to operate through a electriic or mechanical starting system. We want our clients to enjoy the using of starting stalls over the decades. That is why our machines are complete fire-galvanised steel constructions.

Here are some important options to your attention:

  •            fixed or mobile starting gate
  •            mechanical or electric starting system
  •            your personal design including padding of choice
  •            up  to 20 boxes on one machine
  •            another special wishes

 With great pleasure we give you a professional consultation of designing a durable starting gate concerning your own needs and desires.